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Marine B. is a freelance makeup artist, who travel worldwide.
She grew up in France, where she was surrounded by elegance and beauty, and developed her exquisite sense of taste.

She has always loved “la mode,” watching fashion shows and devouring magazines from the youngest age.
Marine’s beauty company, Lady Makeup, benefits from her previous career experience in commercial communication.

In 2011, seeking a challenge and a new adventure, Marine moved to New York. Since her move to New York City, she has served as a main make up artist during  the Fashion Week and has collaborated with some of the giants of the industry.

She has worked as a makeup artist for fashion shows, photoshoots, music videos, television and films.

You can also see some of her work in publications such as Vogue Magazine, LifeStyle magazine, and Next Door Model.

From natural looks to face painting to special effects, nothing seems to stop Lady Makeup.
Marine is always looking for new things to try, combining classical makeup techniques with creativity and innovation.


Don't hesitate to contact her!

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